“Armistice opened a dramatic page of Italian history. The Army broke up and the Nation was adrift”.

General Badoglio’s original voice announcing the armistice to Italians is broadcasted through a period radio. The opposite panel displays the signatures of the armistice.
The artistic portrayal of Italy ‘exploding’ with hanging fragments represents the Italian population’s dismay and loss of identity.
War reporter Roberto Suster’s article appears on the screen, accompanied by the sound of typewriter keys. The article is framed by a mixture of faces and pictures.

The text reads: ‘Italy is dead…’ Every day, many Italians feel like they are falling into an endless chasm, from which no human strength can rescue them. They escape to the mountains, hide in cellars, and cover their eyes with their hands, not wanting to see or know anything else. In their exhaustion, they unite and wait for destiny, even if it is the worst, to occur.

This passage is taken from reporter Roberto Suster’s diary.

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