Accessibility to the museum with special paths, ramps and facilities for the disabled.

There is a reserved car park in front of the museum entrance;

The Museum entrance is on a public road, open to normal pedestrian and vehicle traffic;

In front of the museum entrance there are a few reserved parking spaces for visitors, marked with yellow stripes; there is also an area designated for coach parking; there are free public parking spaces in the surrounding area.

The entire museum park, which is open to the public, is fully accessible. It is also built entirely on one level, so there are no lifts. The slight differences in level caused by the presence of pavements are overcome by the presence of numerous comfortable ramps of appropriate gradient and length.

All the entrances to the various buildings are wheelchair accessible, as are all the toilets.

The museum park is equipped with an ultra-modern tactile path (LVE), which allows visitors to access and move around the various rooms and listen to explanations of the exhibits, using a special app and stick provided by the museum management.

Group visits possible thanks to 5 electronic sticks connected to the tactile-plantar pathway

Download the app:

After installation, you have to download the map and connect the stick to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Works performed

  • breaking down sensory barriers
  • museum accessibility
  • audio description in 6 languages
  • LIS AND IS language interpretation
  • Qr Code with audio and text description
  • new high accessibility website
  • new youtube channel


Completion of the mapping of the museum’s LVE routes on the external plus internal side with descriptions of the various rooms, in Italian and English.

It is also certified, following functional testing, that the maps generated have been included with the following identifiers 8927439117 in the European database of vocalised route maps, which can be consulted on the LVE System website at the following address ( and made publicly available through the T-GO apps downloadable from PlayStore and AppleStore.

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