The narrative begins with an emblematic phrase located in the corridor leading to this room: ‘Europe’s destiny seems to meet in this land.’
A monk serves as the narrator, introducing us to the disturbing climate of violence that has characterized Europe since the beginning of the 20th century and which led to the two world wars. Symphony No. 3 by Gorecki produces a highly lyrical atmosphere in the first movement. There are four photos in the cracks of the walls, which were symbolically generated by the painful events of the war. These photos are icons from 1900.
The monk says:
Here, everything still bears the traces of ruins, pain, and the orgy of gratuitous violence. This violence is as banal as it is evil and erupts into everyday life. The devastating fury of men and weapons spreads everywhere and has never been so destructive. Everything becomes incredibly poor beyond measure. These events are so incredible, yet they happened only yesterday and seem so distant from us.

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