Comments from the guestbook and the Historiale website

“It is like a punch in the stomach…. Certainly, books are one way of learning about history, but to see it from the protagonists themselves, to hear first-hand accounts, is something completely different. I think this visit was very informative for the students”.
Saverio Boccia, Middle School Director

“A beautiful exhibition, full of emotion and artistry. A powerful testimony”.
Ed Santillanes, visitor from Sacramento (California)

“The journey I took during my visit to the Historiale was deeply moving and overwhelming”.
Yvonne D’Alessandro, visitor

“A wonderful tour. A new way of presenting the past, with an unusual emotional involvement”.
Gianni Massaro, visitor

“Fardeau or trésor? Je dirais le deux bien sûr. Comme tout tabou, plus nous le passons sous silence, plus le passé nous pèse… Mieux vaut donc faire un trésor à dénicher”.
The Abbot of Montecassino

“This museum does not propose commemoration, but an invitation to identify with and immerse oneself in our past, using the technology made available to history to reconstruct one of the saddest pages of the war… The message of the Historiale is a simple one, that of not forgetting, a warning addressed
especially to young people who did not know this war.
Pier Ferdinando Casini, President of the Chamber of Deputies, at the inauguration of the Historiale

“Here history pulsates with its drama and memory radiates its energy for the future of future generations. Congratulations on this extraordinary idea, built with the passion of Maestro Rambaldi”.
Silvano Moffa, Undersecretary of State for Infrastructure and Transport

“A cultural operation at the highest level, with a truly exceptional capacity for communication”.
Luciano Scala, Director General for Cultural Heritage

Compliments for the way in which the drama of the Second World War is recounted and the hope for its definitive overcoming”.
Nicola Bono, Undersecretary of State for Cultural Heritage

He who has no memory cannot build a future. Public money well spent, with the hope of many visitors, especially young people’.
Bruno Allegro, Mayor of Sant’Ambrogio di Torino

“An eloquent testimony. Very moving”.
Senator Giulio Andreotti

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