“A good script is born of careful planning, is built on the planning and successive treatments of a story planted on solid rock…”

The image is the most immediate and effective form of communication; it has the ability to lead into the labyrinth of reality, to help grasp its most intimate aspects, to develop processes of awareness and sharing of the story told.

The videos conceived and directed for the Historiale by Victor Rambaldi and Rossella Sapio contribute to the polymedial narrative path, offering a landing place for the imagination and establishing an intimate bond with the visitor through precise points of reference.
For the realisation of the films, a careful work of “deconstruction” of the story and the available archive material was carried out in order to understand the mechanisms and possibilities of articulation.

Through an analysis of the narrative forms and the basic principles of narratology – taken from literature and film writing (original treatments, themes and scripts) – and dramatic action, the models that organise the narrative structure and those that preside over its construction in film form were identified.

The journey through the images “Everything around here still bears the marks of the piles of rubble, the hard stones of pain, the orgy of gratuitous, banal violence, like evil, that bursts into everyday life…”.

The beginning of the story

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