The Historiale’s emotional itinerary was created to remember the suffering of the people of these tormented lands and to bear witness to their rebirth.
A route that begins with the millenary history of the territory, where symbols and images describe the places from which the Benedictine spirit spread, helping to found the whole of Europe.
A narrator’s voice welcomes visitors at the entrance and leads them into the disturbing atmosphere of violence that has marked the European continent since the beginning of the 20th century: from the First World War, through the tunnel of totalitarianism, testified to by dates, photographs and moving images, to the outbreak of the Second World War and the European Civil War.
After the armistice of 8 September 1943, disorientation and loss of identity characterised the entire population. Caught between the anvil of the German bombardment and the hammer of the Allied artillery, the inhabitants of the martyred zone desperately tried to find a balance to ensure their survival.

This climate is recounted through a photo gallery that combines military images with snapshots of the civilian population, while radio announcements of the time about the events of the war and the advance of the troops through the area are played in sound.

We are then confronted with the shocking destruction of the abbey. It was the end of illusions for the civilian population.

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