This room is the first of three rooms dedicated to military operations and, in particular, to the strategic role of Monte Cassino as the guardian of the road to Rome. Twelve nationalities and an exceptional deployment of means and men fought in this region. Belgians, Canadians, French with Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian and Senegalese troops, British with New Zealand, Indian and Nepalese troops, Poles, Americans, Germans and the 1st Italian Motorised Regiment, which later became the Italian Army, fought in the area.

Through headphones placed on two monitors, you can hear the voices of some of the veterans telling what they have seen. On the side, a large panel depicts the main military figures who led the troops in the region. Opposite, two panels show the different types of weapons used and the quantitative dimension of the battle, which was one of the bloodiest of the Second World War. The flags of the armies, together with their respective national anthems, move majestically side by side on a huge canvas formed by the silhouettes of hundreds of white soldiers.

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