Before and after the destruction of the Abbey of Monte Cassino, all the surrounding villages were subjected to terrible bombardments. Most of them were literally razed to the ground. One by one, the villages were bombed to drive out the German troops and then conquered, but the soldiers found only rubble and corpses.

The panel shows images of the 36 villages in the martyrdom region, illustrating the common grief and devastation. A laurel branch symbolises the tribute paid to the region.

In the next room, entitled “THE STONES OF MEMORY”, a scenic and artistic reconstruction of the ruins recreates the atmosphere of the “end of the world”. The sense of devastation is described by a heavy and deep vibration, which at times reaches a crescendo. The attacks were followed by civil and moral devastation. The videos break the silence of the ruins and show images of life going on relentlessly and in spite of everything. In front of these ruins we can read the famous verses of the poet T.S. Elliot, ‘scratched’ on the wall. “Desert and emptiness and darkness on the face of the abyss.

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