This is the Valley of St Benedict – His monks with the cross, the book and the plough – They brought Christian progress to the peoples – From the Mediterranean to Scandinavia, from Ireland to Poland – The work of St Benedict revived peoples and cultures, spread knowledge, regenerated economies – Forests were cleared, land reclaimed – New methods of cultivation were introduced – Hospitals, clinics and shelters for the poorest of the poor were built, Codexes were copied and transcribed, letters and ancient art were preserved – People learned to sit down at the table, where food is a dish to be received and eaten with gratitude and respect – This is the valley near the land of St Thomas – This is the valley where a new way of life was born – This is the valley where a new way of life was born. This is the valley where the seed of constant rebirth is sown – This is the valley that has been attacked many times, devastated many times, reborn many times.

In the collapse of the ancient world, bled dry by the onslaught of the barbarians – Goths, Lombards, Saracens – the Benedictine spirit spread from Monte Cassino, contributing to the foundation of Europe and creating an indelible link between this territory and the destiny of the entire continent.

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